About Us

Austria has a long tradition on health care and medical treatments for international patients. Its ideal conditions offer an outstanding setting for the prevention of diseases and the restoration of health.

TOP OF CARE works with Austria’s leading insurance companies, hospitals, and clinics which offer state-of-the-art care and treatment. Up-to-date infrastructure in combination with Austria’s excellent medical standards provides the best possible basis for preventative medicine known globally for its high standards.

TOP OF CARE and its partner insurance companies cover the entire range of hospital and medical clinic treatment for any illness or disease.

TOP OF CARE offers a comprehensive spectrum of health care centers and health care facilities, whether it be for in-patient or out-patient services, and at affordable costs.

Our goal is to provide all patients with accurate and correct medical diagnoses. This is why individual preventative health care comes with our personalized check-up program in order for patients to be fully aware of their health status.

Elisabeth Haberkorn,

A licensed insurance broker, I am the managing director of TOP OF CARE e.U. , an Austrian company offering medical examinations, treatments, and rehabilitation programs in Austria to patients from other countries.

Our objective is to provide people around the world with access to high-quality Austrian medical care.

Our products guarantee the best possible medical care for our customers.

I am personally dedicated to helping and supporting people by using all my strengths and skills.

This is why we are asking you to accept our offer to apply for affordable health insurance providing access to the best medical care available.

We look forward to welcoming you in Austria!

Elisabeth Haberkorn