There are no waiting periods for purchasing health insurance (exception: special waiting periods in case of pregnancies and, if required, individual waiting times during to risk assessment).

All costs of medical treatments are covered by health insurance providers (see detailed description of coverages).

Your medical treatment is carried out in Austria and based on state-of-the-art treatment methods.

Your medical treatments are performed in the best Austrian medical institutions outfitted with state-of-the-art hospital equipment.

Thanks to Austrian health laws and regulations, all medical practitioners, registered nurses, and nursing staff are current on state-of-the-art medical procedures and treatments.

There are no additional costs for your medical treatment.

As soon as customers purchase our insurance, their contract cannot be terminated for the rest of their life, no matter what, but on the condition that premium payments are made on time.

These are currently in between 6% and 14% of the annual premium, depending on the length of claim-free periods.

between insurance providers and hospitals.

We offer age-based discounts to young people.


For all general public and private hospitals.

If, for whatever reasons, a certain necessary medical treatment cannot be provided in Austria, the costs of this treatment will also be covered in the United States, for example, should this particular treatment only be provided there.

Every two years, the costs for a preventative examination in Austria are covered, if such an exam is desired by the customer.

Should a customer become seriously ill, the costs for intensive medical treatments incl. transplants are covered.

Customers can choose their own physician of trust. If needed, we can provide support in this decision.

After an accident in Austria, customers can choose to undergo rehabilitative treatment in Austria.