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For certain treatments and costs, a form must be submitted in advance for prior authorization and cost evaluation. The coverage items which require prior cost evaluation can be found in the itemized list of services.

These cannot be purchased individually without purchase of the standard coverage. They are marked with an asterisk*.

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  • Cost coverage guaranteed within AUSTRIA
  • Global cost recovery guaranteed for scheduled in-patient treatments that cannot be performed in Austria
  • Includes travel costs for the round trip
  • Costs covered for travel companions of insured minors up to 18 years or younger
  • Hospital per diems
  • Flat-rate for maternity general care category (=shared room)
  • Priority maternity care: Cost coverage for midwife (including pre- and aftercare)
  • Perdiem for hospice or palliative care unit for up to 31 days
  • Malignant neoplasms (cancer): One-time payment during the insurance period
  • Outpatient surgical procedures
  • Outpatient diagnostics (MRI, CT, etc.)
  • Comprehensive examinations

80% of the costs are covered for

  • out-patient medical treatment (including complementary medical treatments)
  • Medically prescribed health aids
  • Medically prescribed physiotherapy (occupational therapy, speech therapy)


  • Full reimbursement for directly billed charges
  • For medically necessary inpatient rehabilitation treatments
  • For under insurance cover in-patient treatments in a listed contract institution

Biannual checkups (every 2 calendar years) cover

  • A detailed medical consultation
  • A comprehensive preventative examination (such as laboratory tests, ECG, cardiac stress testing) with a contractor (for example, private clinics)


  • Second opinion: The insurance provider can arrange a specialized second medical opinion - full cost coverage
  • Psychological consultation: The insurance provider schedules professional and immediate emergency treatment as needed
  • The care plan will cover the cost for 6 treatment units per calendar year

Add-On Coverages

Priority Class in private room*

Coverage for stays in a single-bed private room in an Austrian hospital (from the hospital list) and with direct billing.

Reimbursement for all other costs:

  • Reimbursement for additional daily charges in hospitals without additional agreement
  • Hospital per-diem if you opt to not stay in a single room
  • Maternity allowance if you opt to not stay in single room
  • Newborns are insured from the month of their birth without any waiting period and without a health status check. This coverage is limited to in-patient and/or out-patient medical treatments to the extent of the existing insurance for the insured parent.
  • Costs for pregnancy examinations (prenatal diagnostics) as well as birthing classes are covered.

Purchasable only in combination with our Standard coverage and validity limited to AUSTRIA.

This add-on insurance covers services related to your personal physical well-being. The programs are designed to improve your health, increase your physical and/or mental fitness.

They include wellness stays in our hotels. I. Vital Coach (6 treatment units per calendar year)

  • analysis of the individual’s personal health status
  • sports medical examination
  • individual counseling
  • fitness program

II. Vital Hotel (every 2 calendar years)

  • stay in a Vital partner hotel
  • direct billing
  • hotel services will depend on the agreed scope of services; for a detailed description please check the Vital Partner Hotel catalog

III. Vital Check (every 2 calendar years)

  • detailed medical consultation
  • comprehensive preventive examination (e.g. laboratory, ECG stress testing)
  • cooperation with partners (for example, private clinics)

For more detailed information about medical expenses for individuals not covered by European Union social security benefits, please check our special coverage plans.

Clearance for treatment

A prior cost evaluation is necessary before you are cleared for treatment.

Initial cost evaluation gives our medical team the opportunity to evaluate and review proposed treatments and to ensure that all costs are within the typical coverage and costs of the respective geographical area.

By submitting a confirmation form for coverage, insured persons can receive cashless access to hospitals (if available).